Do I have to pay for the use of tiny.pl service?

No, the use of URLs shortening on Tiny.pl is completely free.

Are you going to show ads while redirecting to the target URL?

No, Tiny.pl either now or in the future does not intend to delay in any way the forwarding to target pages. The only exception is the option to automatically present a destination address, which the user may, but not have to , turn on. By default, each user is redirected to the destination address without any delay.

For how long will the tiny link be connected to the target website?

There is not time limit. However, in special cases, we reserve the right to remove a shortcut, if the content of the target page is breaking the law.

Does Tiny.pl shorten e-mail addreses?

Yes, there is such a functionality. This is particularly useful when citing e-mail address on the forum or discussion group, because these are places where spammers collect email addresses.

Terms of use

Tiny.pl is a free service for URL shortening. Use for the purposes of spamming is prohibited and will be reported to the appropriate Internet service provider, and SPAM shortcuts will be removed. We do not take any responsibility for the consequences of using the site. We reserve the right to remove, on our own initiative, links that we suspect are SPAM.